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Campus: Course: Title: Start Time: Instructor:
CampusDatesCRNCourseSecTitleCREnrMaxStartEndDayBuildingRoomInstructorPPUSection FeesCorequisites
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550001BIOL 1107APrinciples of Biology I422281:30p 3:50p MTWR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC223Smoyer, JN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550002BIOL 1108APrinciples of Biology II4132807:55a 10:15a MTWR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC223Simmons, BN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550003BIOL 2511AAnatomy & Physiology I4132811:00a 1:20p MTWR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC223Wedincamp, JN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550004BIOL 2512AAnatomy & Physiology II4132807:50a 10:10a MTWR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC232Wedincamp, JN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550005BIOL 2611AMicrobiology418281:30p 3:50p MTWR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC232Simmons, BN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550117BIOL 3200AGenetics452007:50a 10:10a MTWR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC236Bowen, SN CHEM 1211
A25-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550006CHEM 1211APrinciples of Chemistry I482408:00a 12:50p MTWR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC239Hurst, MN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550073COMM 1110APublic Speaking383008:30a 11:15a MW LUCK FLANDERS GAMBRELL CENTERJ528Young-Johnson, CN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550111CRIT 1101AIntro to Critical Thinking183011:30a 12:25p MW LUCK FLANDERS GAMBRELL CENTERJ528Young-Johnson, CN  
A01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550131CRJU 2501OIntro to Criminal Justice310TBA TBA  TBA Current, BN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550023EDUC 2120ACultural Diversity36346:00p 8:45p MW ACADEMIC BUILDINGC256Carson, DN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550022EGAC 1100AStudent Success115201:00p 1:55p TR LUCK FLANDERS GAMBRELL CENTERJ503Braddy, LN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550136EGAC 1100BStudent Success18201:00p 2:50p T ACADEMIC BUILDINGC251Strickland, DN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550076ENGL 0989AFound for College English382510:00a 12:45p MW LUCK FLANDERS GAMBRELL CENTERJ531Simmons, AY  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550138ENGL 0999AComposition I Support1520TBA TBA  TBA Lavender, SN ENGL 1101
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550074ENGL 1101AComposition I3262510:20a 1:05p MW ACADEMIC BUILDINGC226Lavender, SN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550075ENGL 2111AWorld Literature I393008:30a 11:15a TR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC253Boudreaux, AY  
A01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550129ENGL 2111CORWorld Literature I344TBA TBA  TBA Palumbo, CY  
A01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550007GEOL 1121APhysical Geology4183008:00a 12:50p MTWR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC233Stracher, GN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550031HIST 2111AU.S. History to 186538345:30p 8:15p MW ACADEMIC BUILDINGC255Derr, RN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550026HIST 2112AU.S. History since 18653193410:00a 12:45p MW ACADEMIC BUILDINGC256Derden, JN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550033HLTH 2051AHealth223352:00p 2:55p MTWR PHYSICAL EDUCATIOND101Mason, WN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550089MATH 0989AFound for College Algebra33275:30p 8:15p MW ACADEMIC BUILDINGC226Watson, GN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550090MATH 0989BFound for College Algebra362708:15a 09:40a MTWR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC250Blackburn, JN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550088MATH 0999ACollege Algebra Support1133010:00a 11:55a T ACADEMIC BUILDINGC226Lynn, CN 50011 MATH 1111
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550011MATH 1111ACollege Algebra3273008:30a 09:55a MTWR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC226Lynn, CN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550012MATH 1113APre-Calculus373008:30a 09:55a MTWR LUCK FLANDERS GAMBRELL CENTERJ531Watson, GN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550137MATH 1113CPre-Calculus310TBA TBA  TBA Watson, GN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550127MATH 2012ACalculus II422TBA TBA  TBA Brown, RN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550034PHED 1071AFitness Walking115355:00p 5:55p MTWR PHYSICAL EDUCATIOND101Mason, WN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550139PHED 1141AWeight Training111TBA TBA  TBA Eaton, JN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550024POLS 1101AAmerican Government3163408:30a 09:55a MTWR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC255Mancill, DN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550038PSYC 1101AGeneral Psychology329351:00p 3:45p MW ACADEMIC BUILDINGC239Wruck, EN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550021PSYC 2102APsyc of Abnormal Behavior393409:00a 11:45a TR ACADEMIC BUILDINGC256Braddy, LN  
A01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550122SOCI 2293DIntro to Marriage and Family321TBA TBA  TBA Strickland, DN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550100ART 1100RIntroduction to Art32251:15p 4:00p MW GRU-GALLOWAY HALL201Stewart, WN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550052BIOL 1107RPrinciples of Biology I4122409:30a 09:30a 11:25a 1:20p TWR F GRU-GALLOWAY HALL GRU-SCIENCE HALL201 W2018Bigham, AN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550097COMM 1110RPublic Speaking311253:00p 5:45p MW GRU-GALLOWAY HALL202Brady, JN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550110CRIT 1101RIntro to Critical Thinking14302:00p 2:55p MW GRU-GALLOWAY HALL202Brady, JN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550085EGAC 1100RStudent Success115251:00p 1:55p TR GRU-GALLOWAY HALL201Kelch, NN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550134ENGL 0989RFound for College English39242:00p 3:25p MTWR GRU-ALLGOOD HALLE150Blount, LY  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550102ENGL 0999RComposition I Support11156:30p 7:00p MTWR GRU-GALLOWAY HALL201Blount, LY ENGL 1101
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550103ENGL 1101RComposition I36245:00p 6:25p MTWR GRU-UNIVERSITY HALL162Blount, LY  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550099ENGL 1102RComposition II3122408:30a 09:55a MTWR GRU-GALLOWAY HALL202Jones, JY  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550086HIST 2112RU.S. History since 1865363510:30a 1:15p MW GRU-GALLOWAY HALL202Waalkes, MN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550091MATH 0989RFound for College Algebra3173010:00a 11:25a MTWR GRU-GALLOWAY HALL206Nail, JN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550092MATH 0999RCollege Algebra Support19352:00p 3:55p M GRU-GALLOWAY HALL206Trabue, WN 50055 MATH 1111
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550055MATH 1111RCollege Algebra3223512:00p 1:25p MTWR GRU-GALLOWAY HALL206Trabue, WN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550101MUSC 1100RMusic Appreciation363009:00a 11:45a TR GRU-ALLGOOD HALLE354Nordan, RN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550083POLS 1101RAmerican Government315352:00p 4:45p TR GRU-GALLOWAY HALL202Mullins, RN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550082SOCI 1101RIntroduction to Sociology37355:30p 8:15p TR GRU-ALLGOOD HALLE354Brown, DN  
RU01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550098SPAN 1001RElementary Spanish I33255:30p 8:15p TR GRU-ALLGOOD HALLE355Mathis, MY  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550132ART 1100SIntroduction to Art36254:00p 6:45p MW EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH191Carroll, DN  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550050BIOL 1103SIntroductory Biology I482808:00a 10:20a MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH132Schneider, JN  
S11-MAY-15 - 21-MAY-1550059COMM 1110SPublic Speaking3203008:30a 1:15p MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH197Hovind, MN  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550069EGAC 1100SStudent Success116251:00p 1:55p MW EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH196Howell, JN  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550113ENGL 0989TFound for College English372511:30a 2:15p TR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH196Simmons, AY  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550130ENGL 0999SAComposition I Support1125TBA TBA  EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITY Homer, KN ENGL 1101
S11-MAY-15 - 21-MAY-1550057ENGL 1101SComposition I372508:30a 1:15p MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH133Denton, GY  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550060ENGL 1101TComposition I3232508:30a 11:15a MW EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH135Homer, KN  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550062ENGL 1102SComposition II3172508:30a 11:15a TR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH135Homer, PY  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550061ENGL 2111SWorld Literature I363010:20a 1:05p TR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH193Czerny, VY  
S11-MAY-15 - 21-MAY-1550058ENGL 2112SWorld Literature II3193008:30a 1:15p MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH193Nevil, DY  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550063ENGL 2112TWorld Literature II383010:20a 1:05p MW EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH193Fox, PY  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550066HIST 2111SU.S. History to 18653103509:50a 11:15a MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH195Derr, RN  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550068HIST 2112SU.S. History since 18653163508:00a 09:25a MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH195Howell, JN  
S11-MAY-15 - 21-MAY-1550072HLTH 2051SHealth2163509:00a 12:10p MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH195Mason, WN  
S01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550051ISCI 1101SIntegrated Science413282:00p 6:50p MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH132Lee, JN  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550093MATH 0989SFound for College Algebra3102709:25a 10:50a MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH197Drummer, AN  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550094MATH 0999SCollege Algebra Support1103511:30a 12:00p MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH135Andrews, DN 50048 MATH 1111
S01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550124MATH 0999SACollege Algebra Support163511:45a 12:45p MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH195Kersey, JN 50047 MATH 1111
S01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550047MATH 1111SCollege Algebra3233512:50p 3:45p MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH195Kersey, JN  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550048MATH 1111TCollege Algebra3223509:50a 11:15a MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH198Andrews, DN  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550049MATH 1113SPre-Calculus353512:50p 2:15p MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH197Drummer, AY  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550104PHED 1231SBeginning Bowling1213010:00a 11:50a TR TBA Mason, WN $60.00 
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550067POLS 1101SAmerican Government320351:30p 4:15p TR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH191Devaney, JN  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550070POLS 1101TAmerican Government3213512:50p 3:35p MW EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH191Mancill, DN  
S25-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550140PROB 1101AProblem Solving I111TBA TBA  TBA Schneider, JN  
S01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550065SOCI 1101SIntroduction to Sociology3163509:50a 11:15a MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH196Altamirano, DN  
S01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550064SPAN 1001SElementary Spanish I382509:50a 12:45p MTWR EGCS ACADEMIC FACILITYH133Williams, SY  
W01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550079ART 1100WIntroduction to Art32430TBA TBA  TBA Purcell, DY  
W01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550120ART 1100WAIntroduction to Art32130TBA TBA  TBA Purcell, DY  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550014BIOL 1103WIntroductory Biology I42030TBA TBA  TBA Pittman, JN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550032BUSA 1105WIntroduction to Business32935TBA TBA  TBA Goss, NN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550015CISM 2201WFundamentals of Computer Appli32330TBA TBA  TBA Xie, FN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550078COMM 1110WPublic Speaking32125TBA TBA  TBA Verdis, SN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550125COMM 1110WAPublic Speaking31825TBA TBA  TBA Verdis, SN  
W11-MAY-15 - 21-MAY-1550108CRIT 1101WIntro to Critical Thinking11730TBA TBA  TBA Sharman, SY  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550121CRIT 1101WAIntro to Critical Thinking12430TBA TBA  TBA Sharman, SN  
W01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550025CRJU 2601WCriminology32936TBA TBA  TBA Current, BN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550115ENGL 1101WComposition I31525TBA TBA  TBA Boudreaux, AY  
W01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550081ENGL 1102WComposition II32325TBA TBA  TBA Todd, JY  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550116ENGL 1102WAComposition II31825TBA TBA  TBA Todd, JY  
W11-MAY-15 - 21-MAY-1550080ENGL 2111WWorld Literature I31730TBA TBA  TBA Whitaker, MY  
W01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550107ENGL 2111WAWorld Literature I31930TBA TBA  TBA Whitaker, MY  
W01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550095ENGL 2112WWorld Literature II32730TBA TBA  TBA Palumbo, JY  
W01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550112ENGL 2112WAWorld Literature II31730TBA TBA  TBA Palumbo, JY  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550035HIST 1112WWestern Civiliz since 164832635TBA TBA  TBA McKinney, DN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550036HIST 1112WAWestern Civiliz since 164831135TBA TBA  TBA McKinney, DN  
W01-JUN-15 - 22-JUN-1550030HIST 2111WU.S. History to 186533135TBA TBA  TBA Joiner, CN  
W25-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550044HIST 2112WU.S. History since 186532235TBA TBA  TBA Upchurch, TN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550027HLTH 2051WHealth23235TBA TBA  TBA Eaton, JN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550028HLTH 2051WAHealth22835TBA TBA  TBA Eaton, JN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550016ISCI 1101WIntegrated Science42325TBA TBA  TBA White, YN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550017ISCI 1101WAIntegrated Science42525TBA TBA  TBA Dickens, DN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550018MATH 1111WCollege Algebra32430TBA TBA  TBA Vora, MN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550019MATH 1113WPre-Calculus32430TBA TBA  TBA Barrs, KN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550020MATH 1121WIntroduction To Statistics32635TBA TBA  TBA Blackburn, JN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550105MUSC 1100WMusic Appreciation32630TBA TBA  TBA Hundley, FN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550029PHED 1071WFitness Walking13235TBA TBA  TBA Eaton, JN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550039POLS 1101WAmerican Government33235TBA TBA  TBA Caiazzo, TN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550096POLS 2401WGlobal Issues31235TBA TBA  TBA Caiazzo, TN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550041PSYC 1101WGeneral Psychology32835TBA TBA  TBA Kearns, TN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550042PSYC 2102WPsyc of Abnormal Behavior32235TBA TBA  TBA Lee, DN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550043SOCI 1101WIntroduction to Sociology33335TBA TBA  TBA Strowbridge, CN  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550037SOCI 1160WSocial Problems32835TBA TBA  TBA Strickland, DY  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550077SPAN 1001WElementary Spanish I31825TBA TBA  TBA Dart, JY  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550123SPAN 1001WAElementary Spanish I31625TBA TBA  TBA Dart, JY  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550118SPAN 2001WIntermediate Spanish I3525TBA TBA  TBA Todd, JY  
W01-JUN-15 - 16-JUL-1550119SPAN 2002WIntermediate Spanish II3225TBA TBA  TBA Todd, JY  
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